Grip Company Trailer
For this division of Noma Fab, the company has be recognized and titled as one of the "leaders in the industry". The pride, attention to detail and longevity of our final products set a new standard for the Studio Industry. This division of Noma Fab has allowed us to excel in the Studio marketplace. We will continue to expand and grow to new levels for years to come.
Studio Truck 1
Noma Fab has had the privilege of providing the Studio Industry with another source to advance our image and reliability with this industry sector. Upgrades and modifications made to these vehicles have been proven to amplify the image of our customers. This division of Noma Fab is intended to better our customer's profit margins and assure an "at-ease" feeling when "put to the test".
lighting cart
Noma Fab has excelled in building "Steel Custom Carts" as a way to once again provide our customers with a "One Stop Shop". Our company primarily specializes in CUSTOM steel Studio carts. This provides the customer with a 'one-off' piece that meets their budget. Noma Fab would like to maintain focus on the CUSTOM part of the Studio Cart Industry. We do not want to be recognized as a "mass production" facility, but a source that pays exceptional attention to detail providing the customer with exactly what they want.
 Custom Aluminum Carts
Noma Fab has focused a great deal on this department. The investment idea associated with these developments is to offer the Studio Industry with a lighter and more environmentally friendly alternative for transporting their equipment. This division is still in the growing stages, as Noma Fab is always reaching other applications for aluminum projects. Completed examples are Boxes, Trailers, Trucks and more.
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