Carr One Sand Car
Noma Fab accepts most all sand car services due to our passion for the hobby. This is not a division of the company that is depended on to "pay the bills"; rather it is used to challenge and improve the excellence of Noma Fab. There is nothing on these vehicles that we will not address, from the Ground-Up. Here at Noma Fab, we have a strong extended network that we work with to insure that the customer has a source to the best of what the industry has to offer.
Sand Toys
SS Sand Car Repair/Modification
Noma Fab has the skills and facilities to any and all desert toy fabrication or repair. Understanding the financial and emotional investment each customer has in their toys, the crew at Noma Fab uses meticulous precision and attention to detail when working in this sector. Noma Fab is in the beginning stages of producing its own Ground-Up design/build. The intentions behind this project are to display to the public our capabilities and pride associated with the off-road industry and to expand from that point on to greater challenges.
Desert Toys
Off Road Fabrication Projects
The off-road market is so vast, Noma Fab would like to be recognized as a facility that is not limited within the industry associated with their skills. This division is a good display of how that mindset is shown and how our creativity can enhance a project.
Other Projects
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